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Svare/Thoroddsen is a jazz trio with Denmark's leading jazz clarinettist through many years, Jørgen Svare, and two top-notch Icelanders, guitar player Björn Thoroddsen and double bass player Jón Rafnsson. The trio is both joyful and predictable - yet, at the same time, imaginative and takes the listener on a journey to the unknown.  

Their debut album Jazz airs is the best selling jazz record in Iceland this year and has received top reviews both in Iceland and in Denmark.

The trio is nominated in 2 categories at the Icelandic musical awards for the year 2003: the best Jazz record and Björn Thoroddsen the best jazz performer.

"A smash of a concert!

It was obvious from the very first number that Jørgen Svare still is at the top of his career in spite of being born way down in the last century, the same effervescence and soulful ness... It is difficult to find superlatives enough in describing what was laid before us this evening at the concert hall Skovpavillonen ... but suffice to say that two numbers lay top of the list: Svare's soulful composition Blues for Omer and Thoroddsen's Icelandic Tango with its beautiful interplay of guitar and clarinet...

This evening we were witness of outstanding guitar playing. No one can play so fast!You can only be thankful for such an outstanding performance and the roar of the audience clearly showed this - yes, indeed, it was a lavish top-playing concert for an enthusiastic hall."

-Dagbladet Skjern/Tarm - September 2003 - Kai Lykke