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Guitar Islancio I

Guitar Islancio offers us music that has been kept alive and well nourished in Iceland by handing it down through the ages from person to person. The trio spins the threads of the Old Icelandic songs and presents them to us in new jazz-coloured ropes.

"On listening to the CD Guitar Iclancio III, featuring Bj÷rn Thoroddsen and Gunnar Thˇrdarson, the following first words first cam to mind: cheerful and catchy. Both guitar players, gypsy-like and melodic, lend the song selection, for the most part built on Icelandic folk tunes, a sometimes mournful, personal and enchanting quality.

In spite of its seriousness, the result is both irresistible and playful."

Thorbj°rn Sj°rgren in Jazz Special #64 (June/July 2002)