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About Zonet Music

Zonet Music was founded October 1st 2001 by Óttar Felix Hauksson who has participated in music for decades - or as far back as 1966, when he played guitar in a pop group he founded and called Sonet (with"S"). 

He worked as a road manager for Iceland´s most famous pop group Hljomar (Thor´s hammer) during 1968, which was a year of enormous pop awakening in Iceland. During that time many groups sprung to live, but we can safely say that none has ever reached the exceptional fame that Hljomar reached at the time.

Óttar became a member of the famous group POPS when Hljomar had run their course.  POPS are still sought after by the "68 Generation" and has made a custom of playing at least once a year on an annual New Years Eve Dance. 

As well as still playing the guitar in POPS. Óttar has organised since 1976, quite a few rock concerts, one being a tribute concert in memory of John Lennon in January 1981.  The "68 Generation" celebrated in 1987 the two decades anniversary of what they called the "Lost Generation", and then Óttar was chosen to appear as "Mr. Sixties himself".

Through the years has Óttar worked on various tasks with Icelandic musicians. He was for instance a big instrument in getting the famous Bubbi and Runar Juliusson together, resulting in the band GCD. He also had a hand with the recarnation of Hljomar in 2001, as well promotion work for KK and Magnus Eiriksson, not forgetting Zonet´s Music first released cd  Mannakorn´s 25th Anniversary Concert, which had been recorded at Salurinn in Kopavogur in November 2001. 


Zonet Music bought Japis (a famous music distributor in Iceland) at the beginning of 2002 and in mid 2003 Zonet music bought yet another famous Icelandic Music Distributor "Edda-Midlun-music department". 

Around that time Zonet Music also seriously started distributing and having hand in the making of Icelandic CD´s.

In 2003 Zonet has for instance helped make and distribute "22 ferdalog" by KK & Maggi Eiriks (that record became Iceland´s top selling record  of that year sold over 15000 units. Other record is Hljomar´s CD (which climbed to no. 1on Iceland´s Top of the Pops), that CD was marketed on Oct. 5th celebrating Hljomar´s 40th anniversary.

In the autum of 2003 completed the deal with Danish Kick music that held the rights of the old Triola recordings of the famous boy soprano Robertino. The very best of Robertino was released in December 2003 in Iceland and became nr.1 and sold gold in just 14 days! In 2004. Zonet Music licensed Robertino to various countries, such as Denmark, Finland, China and Russia. 2005 was a rather quiet year at Zonet Music with only 3 new releases with one cd making it to the nr.1 spot for 3 weeks during the summer of 2005 and licensing the music of Guitar Islancio to Japan and Canada. Guitar Islancio´s uniqe style has won them a reputation all over the world. They have made 5 highly acclaimed records, all of them available at Zonet Music. 

In 2006  Zonet Music is set to release some exciting music and build further on the ground they have found in other countries.